Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 4 in Illinois

So sorry it has been so long. We have been busy with all the little things of moving to a new place. We are exploring all the places around us and finding all the fun parks and bike/walking trails. There are several areas to take the kids in the bike trailer, which they love. We usually go on at least one ride a day, sometimes two. Lately it has been really cold and windy so we haven't been outside much. Finally today we went on a walk.... just layered a lot to keep warm. There are lots of parks close, most are also the playground for the school... which means there are always hundreds of school age kids playing on them also. Usually they don't pay attention to Koston, so he gets ran over a lot!
We have several ponds in our neighborhood and apartment complex. There are as many ducks and swans as there are people, maybe more? We feed them almost daily.... some of them are as big as Koston which is kinda scary.... almost been attacked once but he still loves to feed them. We also have a "fit trail" around our apartment complex which is around a pond and has a couple little fishing docks. We go feed the fish from the dock often. Koston absolutely thinks it's so great. The fish are only about 5 inches long. Our neighbor was actually fishing with a real pole. He let Koston hold it and reel the fish in. He loved to hold them. It was so cute!!
Jordan has been doing good with sales this year. It is more challenging than Nebraska was but he is working hard and enjoying being back at work. The days are long while he is gone so we do our best at staying busy! Koston misses him like crazy while he is gone and is always in bed when Jordan gets home from work, but we are surviving. It is beautiful here so we are outside A LOT! We live for Sundays so we can hang out with Jordan ALL day!
Koston is finally going to nursery without us. We are finally biting the bullet and making him cry it out! It has been 4 times and he still absolutely hates it! He starts screaming as soon as we say Amen at the end of the closing prayer in sacrament meeting! He screams and clings onto us... I hate it! I get teary eyed every time! I made Jordan drop him off by himself this week! The nursery leader is wonderful and he went to her crying this week... but at least he walked to her by himself!! That is an improvement!
Aislee is starting to scoot. She has been scooting across the floor and trying to steal all of Koston's toys! He hates it and may have to learn how to share.... or dare I say forced to share his stuff sooner than he would like.
So many fun pictures to share of my crazy and I may I say adorable kiddos... but the google uploader is not working... hopefully soon!

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Allred's said...

The pictures are beautiful. Glad you are enjoying Illinois, so sorry we weren't able to get together before you left. I think you understand. But I will be here when you come back in 6 months!!! I love you girly!