Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Koston Has Been up to....

Koston has been a handful to say the least. Just so curious and sneaky at the same time. These are just the few things I caught on camera! At the end of a long day yesterday I had to laugh... I realized that as I was feeding Aislee he was being way too quiet! I went looking for Koston. My bedroom door closed. My bathroom door closed. I could hear him in there. Shower door closed with the little turd inside squirting all of Jordan's shaving cream/gel all over the shower. He just started that can and it was ALL gone. As I was cleaning that up, I turn around to find him spraying himself with Jordan's cologne. Take that away. He runs off. I proceed to clean up and put things out of reach. I apparently wasn't quick enough, he was in the corner with my smelly lotion. He had about 1/2 the tube in his hands and on the floor. So now he smells delightful!! STRONG FUMES! So I wash his hands and look around to see if I can spot anything else he can reach. Looks clear. I scrub the carpets to clean the lotion. What the crap?? How on earth did he get Jordan's "Monkey Butt" Powder? (It's really humid and he's outside all day!) Well the carpet and lots of toys must have been feeling the humidity also. Powder everywhere. Look at Koston trying not to scream, laughing to cover my frustration. He also has a bobby pin sticking out of his ear?? Remove the ear drum weapon from his ear, the powder from his tightly clutched hands. I plop him down at the table with WASHABLE markers and paper so I can pack to go to the park. I finish packing and I'm greeted with a shirtless green and purple son. Face, ears, hands and tummy! (this picture was last time!) Wash his face to make him presentable at the park and somehow- HOW? he finds my biosilk and squirts it in his hands (and floor) and rubs it all over his face. So now his marker masterpiece is smeared and he looks like a human Easter egg with his head dunked in a green cup of Easter egg dye! Laughing Out Loud!! I can't seem to get my 2 year old under control! I love him so much. Times like this I just cherish the moments! We did go to the park... for my sanity!

Easter egg hunt in the snow!

I haven't been able to upload pics since we have been in Illinois so I'm going to play a little bit of catch up.

We went to Utah for Easter and stayed with Jordan's dad Brian. We faced the cold weather and decided to go camping.... and it snowed! This was Koston's first time actually hunting for Easter Eggs! He wasn't sure what to do at first. Then he gathered a few eggs, losing interest quickly as always. He was loving the snow; not actually touching it with his hands but crunching it under his make shift snow boots. Tennis shoes wrapped in plastic bags, which only lasted until he figured out that they were why he kept landing on his back. He was slipping on the plastic bags that had no grip! He loved going for rides with his "papa" on the quads. I'm pretty sure neither one of my kids cried or had a melt down all weekend. They absolutely love being outside. Snow or no Snow!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day....

Not sure if I'm suppose to focus on how much I LOVE to be a mom OR stay in hiding so I don't get nominated for the "Mother of the Year Award" for how things have been going lately??
Right now Koston looks as though he got into a fight with a neighbor kid. He popped the handle up on the umbrella and it popped him in the lip. It looks horrible! He can't even close his mouth!
A couple weeks ago he fell on his head on the concrete and had a black and blue egg on his forehead.
He gave himself a hair cut with the electric clippers.... took them out, plugged them in, turned them on, and trimmed his freshly cut hair a little more!
Colored his tummy, palms of his hands, cheek, and ear blue with a marker.
Colored my Carpet Green, his chair orange.... I think we're done with markers!!
He can pull himself up on the counter in the bathroom, without a stool. Therefore he uses my makeup. He put on mascara... some actually got on his eyelashes, lipgloss, blush (also used the blush brush on my walls) and bright pink nail polish!

Sometimes I feel like Koston counts for two children! Nope... just one with a bundle of ambition and energy! Aislee was so easy for so long, however since we've been in Illinois she has been very clingy and whiny! I'm sure it's because she only sees me all day.

Ventured to Target yesterday... wearing day old mascara, workout pants from that morning(backwards... figured it out when I got home to jump in the shower), Aislee's bottle/spit up all over my shirt and about 3 day old hair!! The first 5 minutes are fine and then I started getting the looks. Koston attempts to climb out of the back of the cart, hanging over the side with one leg and half of his body out. An employee scolds me and tells me he needs to sit down.... REALLY? Needs to and actually doing so are two different things. I wanted to say "YOU TRY!" We usually get popcorn at the snack bar if we are going to be there awhile. That lasts about 2 minutes until he finds out that if he pours it out into the cart, it falls through the holes and onto the floor....slowly.... leaving a trail. So I'm cleaning up popcorn and look up to find my soda being sucked down as fast as possible because he knows it's off limits. She's crying because she was playing with the straw until he ripped it out of her hand for a refreshing drink of diet coke.
Mind you... this girl has a head turning screech! So if I thought I was being sneaky about the popcorn mess, not anymore! So as people start to slow down, trying not to look Koston starts throwing everything out of the cart (luckily nothing glass-I know better... that goes on the bottom rack!) Now all my soon-to-be belongings are all over the floor joining the popcorn! What do I do, pop him on the butt and scold him and have CPS called on me for beating my child in public because it's caught on tape with a security camera at Target OR, do I try to reason with a 2 yr old? Neither.... I give him fruit snacks! Gold in this case... the mess is quickly cleaned up. Now I only have one crying kid who just wanted the straw to chew on and now wants the package of fruit snacks as well. I Give her an unopened package so she can chew on the wrapper. "MINE" Koston screams and takes them from her. She screams louder!
So then I ask myself, Do I finish or go home? I finish, letting them scream it out. I don't want to come back tomorrow... I don't want to come back ever!
As we head to the front, Koston still trying to escape, the same lady that asked Koston to sit down passes us. She just shakes her head. We proceed to the check out and the girl at the register was the one that was at the snack bar when we got the popcorn. She smiles and asks Koston, "Did you finish all your popcorn sweetie?" I say, "YEP" and smile back!
I absolutely love being a mom and I love my children. Even when we have long days and I want to hide out, not taking Koston to the store...Ever!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 4 in Illinois

So sorry it has been so long. We have been busy with all the little things of moving to a new place. We are exploring all the places around us and finding all the fun parks and bike/walking trails. There are several areas to take the kids in the bike trailer, which they love. We usually go on at least one ride a day, sometimes two. Lately it has been really cold and windy so we haven't been outside much. Finally today we went on a walk.... just layered a lot to keep warm. There are lots of parks close, most are also the playground for the school... which means there are always hundreds of school age kids playing on them also. Usually they don't pay attention to Koston, so he gets ran over a lot!
We have several ponds in our neighborhood and apartment complex. There are as many ducks and swans as there are people, maybe more? We feed them almost daily.... some of them are as big as Koston which is kinda scary.... almost been attacked once but he still loves to feed them. We also have a "fit trail" around our apartment complex which is around a pond and has a couple little fishing docks. We go feed the fish from the dock often. Koston absolutely thinks it's so great. The fish are only about 5 inches long. Our neighbor was actually fishing with a real pole. He let Koston hold it and reel the fish in. He loved to hold them. It was so cute!!
Jordan has been doing good with sales this year. It is more challenging than Nebraska was but he is working hard and enjoying being back at work. The days are long while he is gone so we do our best at staying busy! Koston misses him like crazy while he is gone and is always in bed when Jordan gets home from work, but we are surviving. It is beautiful here so we are outside A LOT! We live for Sundays so we can hang out with Jordan ALL day!
Koston is finally going to nursery without us. We are finally biting the bullet and making him cry it out! It has been 4 times and he still absolutely hates it! He starts screaming as soon as we say Amen at the end of the closing prayer in sacrament meeting! He screams and clings onto us... I hate it! I get teary eyed every time! I made Jordan drop him off by himself this week! The nursery leader is wonderful and he went to her crying this week... but at least he walked to her by himself!! That is an improvement!
Aislee is starting to scoot. She has been scooting across the floor and trying to steal all of Koston's toys! He hates it and may have to learn how to share.... or dare I say forced to share his stuff sooner than he would like.
So many fun pictures to share of my crazy and I may I say adorable kiddos... but the google uploader is not working... hopefully soon!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Pictures in Thatcher

We just took family pictures in August when Aislee was born but she has changed so much and I didn't want to wait until the Holidays to take them again! So we just used my camera and took them ourselves with my sister-in-law's help! Thanks Laura!! They are not professional but she caught some good ones! These are some of my favorites. Koston was of course good for about 30 seconds and then it was just a battle!! So of course, we bribed him with candy and it still didn't work. So our family pics are just real life with him. We are spending the weekend with Adam and Laura in Thatcher. We only have a few left before we leave again for the summer. We are moving to Chicago for 5-6 months for Jordan's work. We are excited to go again, but sad to leave family and friends. We're certainly not excited for the 28 hour drive with the kids. Thank goodness for movies in the car! Koston is addicted to Alvin and the Chipmunks.... I guess it's a little better than Annie; which was his last favorite. The kids and I plan on flying home for one visit in July sometime. We have a family reunion in Seattle in July that we are hoping to go to and also fly to Arizona while we are over here!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Everyone says time flies... now I believe them.
I cannot believe that he is TWO!! He is such a fun kid and we are loving every moment... well almost every moment. He has been an adventure from day one. I can't say that i loved spending those first 10 days in the NICU before bringing him home. However we were able to cherish every moment because we had no other distractions.
I think he is a typical kid until we are around other kids and he seems to be so HIGH MAINTENENCE?
Oddly, I even enjoy the harder moments... when he wakes up in the middle of the night on vacation screaming so loud he not only wakes us up, but all the dogs in the neighborhood so they can join in on the yelping! Come to find out that we was teething and he had 6 teeth come in that week! Maybe we would have picked another week to go see Grandpa Brian. Thanks Jordan for taking him on a ride up Provo Canyon to fall asleep and have a 4am nap for 2 hours before coming home.

Koston's 1st BIRTHDAY!! Still looks like that when he eats chocolate cake!!

This is my little man on DAY 1.... a tad too little to come home right away, weighing in at 4lbs 2oz!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Grandpa Dan's old timers!

All the cousins were together this weekend and we all went to Thatcher to visit Grandpa Dan! He always has random old cars and trucks so it was fun to take photos with the kids and the cars. Even if they had been playing and had dirty faces and hands! They were loving life!

Rare Moments!!

Very rare moments.... not rare for Jordan to fall asleep anywhere, let alone the couch! However it is very rare for Aislee to fall asleep being held. She likes to be put in bed to sleep, so when this happens we take full advantage of it!! Koston was eating his santa PEZ... every last one before his head hit the floor. He also never falls asleep like this. He RUNS and I mean RUNS all day until his head hits his pillow for a nap or bedtime! I love this kid!

Polar Express and The Deer Farm!

Koston absolutely loved Santa! I never thought that would happen! He was so excited to see him. Santa gave him "five" and Koston wanted to chase him down the aisle of the train. I didn't have the best seat for pictures, but it was so cute! Unfortunately he hated the Santa in the mall on Christmas Eve? Go figure? Maybe it was because Santa was dressed in suspenders and striped socks with some funky Santa suit? Koston along with all his cousins loved the deer farm in Williams. He surprisingly was not scared of the deer at all. He loved feeding them!

I kept telling myself I needed to take my kids to have their pictures taken for Christmas.... it never happened! We snapped a few pics by the tree! Koston loves his little sister... most of the time! She loves to laugh at him. She just watches him run around and gets so excited. I love it!!

We had a Christmas party with friends and decorated cookies with the kids and had a bonfire in our backyard. It was a lot of fun!! We'll be making that a tradition every year! I'm pretty sure Koston ate most of the candy decorations prior to decoration cookies!!