Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day....

Not sure if I'm suppose to focus on how much I LOVE to be a mom OR stay in hiding so I don't get nominated for the "Mother of the Year Award" for how things have been going lately??
Right now Koston looks as though he got into a fight with a neighbor kid. He popped the handle up on the umbrella and it popped him in the lip. It looks horrible! He can't even close his mouth!
A couple weeks ago he fell on his head on the concrete and had a black and blue egg on his forehead.
He gave himself a hair cut with the electric clippers.... took them out, plugged them in, turned them on, and trimmed his freshly cut hair a little more!
Colored his tummy, palms of his hands, cheek, and ear blue with a marker.
Colored my Carpet Green, his chair orange.... I think we're done with markers!!
He can pull himself up on the counter in the bathroom, without a stool. Therefore he uses my makeup. He put on mascara... some actually got on his eyelashes, lipgloss, blush (also used the blush brush on my walls) and bright pink nail polish!

Sometimes I feel like Koston counts for two children! Nope... just one with a bundle of ambition and energy! Aislee was so easy for so long, however since we've been in Illinois she has been very clingy and whiny! I'm sure it's because she only sees me all day.

Ventured to Target yesterday... wearing day old mascara, workout pants from that morning(backwards... figured it out when I got home to jump in the shower), Aislee's bottle/spit up all over my shirt and about 3 day old hair!! The first 5 minutes are fine and then I started getting the looks. Koston attempts to climb out of the back of the cart, hanging over the side with one leg and half of his body out. An employee scolds me and tells me he needs to sit down.... REALLY? Needs to and actually doing so are two different things. I wanted to say "YOU TRY!" We usually get popcorn at the snack bar if we are going to be there awhile. That lasts about 2 minutes until he finds out that if he pours it out into the cart, it falls through the holes and onto the floor....slowly.... leaving a trail. So I'm cleaning up popcorn and look up to find my soda being sucked down as fast as possible because he knows it's off limits. She's crying because she was playing with the straw until he ripped it out of her hand for a refreshing drink of diet coke.
Mind you... this girl has a head turning screech! So if I thought I was being sneaky about the popcorn mess, not anymore! So as people start to slow down, trying not to look Koston starts throwing everything out of the cart (luckily nothing glass-I know better... that goes on the bottom rack!) Now all my soon-to-be belongings are all over the floor joining the popcorn! What do I do, pop him on the butt and scold him and have CPS called on me for beating my child in public because it's caught on tape with a security camera at Target OR, do I try to reason with a 2 yr old? Neither.... I give him fruit snacks! Gold in this case... the mess is quickly cleaned up. Now I only have one crying kid who just wanted the straw to chew on and now wants the package of fruit snacks as well. I Give her an unopened package so she can chew on the wrapper. "MINE" Koston screams and takes them from her. She screams louder!
So then I ask myself, Do I finish or go home? I finish, letting them scream it out. I don't want to come back tomorrow... I don't want to come back ever!
As we head to the front, Koston still trying to escape, the same lady that asked Koston to sit down passes us. She just shakes her head. We proceed to the check out and the girl at the register was the one that was at the snack bar when we got the popcorn. She smiles and asks Koston, "Did you finish all your popcorn sweetie?" I say, "YEP" and smile back!
I absolutely love being a mom and I love my children. Even when we have long days and I want to hide out, not taking Koston to the store...Ever!


Jen said...

oh my gosh i just laughed so hard my stomach hurts. :) dang i miss you guys and the adventures! the insanity of having two is crazy...i'd say you have equivalent of 2 1/2...maybe even 3. :) you're my hero though kim...you always handle it so well and know when to just laugh. you rock!

colburn's said...

I def nominate you for mother of the year seeing as how I have gone through similar humiliating situations at that very place and walmart. Just tell people to stop looking or they can take them home!

Bri, Lanny, Ben, Jeff , Lukey & Henry said...

sweet kimi, i love this post!!! this is what its all about, the pants on backwards is the best...way to go. as for the mother of the year award, i think anyone who's three year old makes to four..gets it!!! love u and miss u

The Hermyzoo! said...

Hey Kim, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It's been forever, great to meet up on blogs :) Okay I was shaking my head and smiling as I read your post. I know all about those days daily. I absolutely love having my kids close, Elijah and Camry and now Livy and Zyan but it surely makes my days busy and full of CRAZINESS I wouldn't ever trade. So you are in Chicago, how's that going? Casey visits Illinois here and there for work. The company he works for is out of Bloomington. What are your plans after illinois? How's your family doing? I would love to catch up. Here's my email hermyzoo@gmail.com It's great to hear from you

Allred's said...

laughing my butt off, sounds so familiar!!! Hang in there kiddo, your a great mom!