Friday, October 2, 2009

Why does time fly when life is so GOOD??

I have officially lived in Omaha Nebraska for a month now. I am actually really liking it here aside from not have a car and missing my family. The weather is great and we are already wearing sweatshirts. Koston cannot go outside much right now because it has been raining the past couple of days and it's too cold. I'm not sure we could ever live where it snows; this boy does not do good indoors all day. I can even take him to the mall or the store and that doesn't cut it.... he has to go outside or it is a LONG day!! Especially now that he has to compete with Aislee for my attention! We were walking to the park every afternoon until this week. I love having two kids. I was really worried that i was going to be a basket case but its not has bad as i imagined. (there are some days...) We have enjoyed getting out of the heat. Jordan has enjoyed his job and it looks like we will be doing this for awhile. Who knows where we will end up next summer and fall. Hopefully somewhere fun so we can get some company. Who wants to come to Nebraska?? We will be here for another month. So we will be here to see all the leaves change, which is unlike home.
So Koston loves doing his own hair. I put Jordan's hair product in it and he helps... only the amount he puts on his fingers is a little more than i put on mine. However he doesn't realize that you only put "Hair product" in your hair. He puts deodorant, lotion, body wash and the cream from PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERS and OREOS in his hair. The other day I was holding him and he smelled like peanut butter?? So later that afternoon I saw him split apart the cracker and proceed to rub the peanut butter in his hair?? No wonder his hair is crusty sometimes?? I love that kids.
We went to the county fair this last weekend. Koston loved seeing and petting all the farm animals. He was not sared at all! There was a HUGE parade saturday morning, way bigger than any at home. They go all out over here.
Aislee is getting so big. She has officially outgrown her newborn clothes and into 3 month clothing at 2 months. She has chunked up faster than I want her to! I hate how fast time is going with her. It seems to be going much quicker than with Koston.
I'm just going to post what we have been up to lately....

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