Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where does time go???

We have enjoyed our time here in Omaha. I am loving the weather and the changing leaves on the trees. There are pine trees and huge shade trees everywhere! It is SO incredibly green here! Koston loves being outside; until these last couple of days we were walking to the park down the street everyday. It is officially cold outside. I believe it was in the 40's today?

My kids... weird... i have two now and it sounds strange every time I say "kids," but they are getting so big. Time seems to go by quicker now that I have two. Is that because I have less free time? Koston is technically not getting much bigger. Still only 22 lbs and wearing 12 month clothing. Some of the pants are getting a little short, but he's too small to wear 18 month clothing. On the other hand Aislee just hit her two month mark and is in 3 month clothing. She is getting so chubby! I love it! She seems to change so much every week. I look back at pictures every few days and I always think her cheeks got chubbier?? She is such a fun baby and smiles ALL the time! I'm sure she doesn't realize it, but i love it all the same! Koston loves her! Always kissing her and wants to hold her all the time. He has been trying to pull her up on his lap lately... a little scary! He hates it when she cries and gives her hugs and says SHHHH with his finger over his mouth?

I was emptying the dishwasher and Koston found a clean beater from the mixer in the dishwasher and handed it to me and said "more"... Everytime he hears the mixer going he comes running and waits patiently to have the beater. He knows he has to be in his highchair with his shirt off!! How horrible am I, that I give my kid the beater loaded full of sugar??? Whatever keeps him occupied… and happy sometimes!!
Jordan is still loving his job, glad that the season is close to over so we can go back home and he can relax and see family and friends, but happy to be here! He loves having the kids here. He is such an incredible dad and Koston absolutely loves him! Jordan doesn't have to go to work until 10-11am or so, which means Koston gets to play with him all morning!!

We went to the county fair last weekend. It was so much bigger than the fair back home. Koston loved it! They had so much fun petting all the animals! There was a huge parade last Saturday morning that seemed to go on forever, he sat completely entertained watching all the horses and screaming for candy!!

So I’ve decided to take the plunge a lot sooner after this pregnancy. I started running a couple miles in the morning before Jordan goes to work so he can stay home with the kids. I’ve also been doing this kick MY butt cardio/muscle building routine in the evenings after the kids go to sleep! WOW… I’m really out of shape! But I’m loving the workout!

Jordan found a rocking horse on springs for Koston at a yard sale a couple weeks ago! Awesome $12 find; keeps him fully entertained…. For about 5 minutes! How we going to get that thing home??

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