Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today has been our 6th day without Jordan and Koston is missing his daddy!! And of course I am missing my man! He is doing great in Nebraska. When Koston got up from his morning nap before church he was asking for "dada", I almost cried because I was sad Jordan wasn't here. Tonight we used I-chat so Koston could talk to him... SO CUTE! He absolutely loves his dad! He has been walking everywhere... still looks like a drunken sailor, but he is getting better. Next task is getting up by himself in the middle of the floor.
Newest things Koston is doing:
Walking of Course.. about 20 steps at a time
Has his top and bottom two teeth finally, he was 13 months before he even got his bottom teeth
Knows that the Cow says moo... or "booooooo", but he also thinks that the dog, the horse, the zebra and bear say "boooo"
Loves to rough-house
He loves the water... goes straight to the hose or the faucet as soon as the door opens, cries when i take him out of the tub
Still loves to eat rocks, or chew on them until i make him spit them out
Laughs at himself in the mirror
Discovered his nostrils
Loves Strawberries and streamed broccoli
And much much more... I love this kid! He has more energy than about 5 kids put together and keeps me on my toes! I never imagined being a mom and wife would be this great. I absolutely love it! I'm so excited to have another baby... and scared out of my mind at the same time. Koston is a mama's boy.... BIG TIME! He is going to have one rude awakening. He loves other kids and babies.... unless I'm holding them. I love my family and and look forward to each new day!


Jamie said...

Hey Kim,
These pictures of your fam are so cute. That first picture of Koston look just like you I can't believe it. Congrats on the pregnancy too. I had no idea until I saw your updated blog. We still need to try to get together and do a roommate lunch before it gets too stinking hot outside. :)

Allred's said...

I love the pics, they are so adorable. Your little Koston is such a little man with his tie on. CUTE

Val and Wendy Shumway said...

Congrats on the baby girl! Koston reminds me so much of your brothers - it's crazy. Hope you are doing well! Wendy

colburn's said...

Kim I am so glad that you got your blog working for you again. That picture of you and Koston is so sweet. I know Jordan will do an amazing job this summer and you will be staying at home with your babies, I just know it. You guys really do deserve something great and I think it is just coming around the corner for you. We love you guys and miss having you around. Call if you need anything.

Hibbard Family said...

What a cute little guyy you have, Kim. And congrats on the baby girl coming your way!