Friday, May 1, 2009

Back after 6 months!!

Well i guess it's been too long. I haven't updated anything for 6 months and so much has happened. Koston is now one and learning to walk. Has long shaggy hair as opposed to his short buzz cut in his last posted photos. Jordan has left me for the summer and moved to Omaha, NE of all places, for work. We are expecting baby number two at the beginning of August. IT'S A GIRL! We really wanted another boy, but after the 3rd ultrasound the tech wasn't changing her mind on it being a daughter, we had to warm up to the idea of having a girl. And we are SO EXCITED we can hardly stand it!! Jordan will fly home for the delivery for a few days and then we will be on our own again for awhile longer. My family has been great and they are all taking turns to come stay with me for awhile after the c-section. We moved to Queen Creek and we are loving it... for the most part. We actually do less driving living out here. I still work one day a week. No signs of toxcemia this time around, so we are still going strong. I feel great this pregnancy compared to last time.

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