Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just playing catch up!!

Life seems to be flying by.... We have been home for a month now and so much has happened. I'll try to play catch-up!! Halloween was so much fun! We have a Halloween party at my brothers house in queen creek. It was much bigger this year and most of the cousins were candy! Probably a little lame for Koston to be an M&M, but I figured i won't be able to pick out his costumes for much longer so I may as well take advantage of it while I can? I made their costumes so they are a little awkward?!? They ended up being adorable though and Koston surprisingly left it on all night. There was a huge turnout this year and this kids loved all the games and the parade!

We also went to a Pumpkin Patch in Omaha before we came home and it was so great! They had all the typical stuff but this place was huge!! There were tons of animals and toys to play on and ride. They also had some huge "jumping pillows", Koston was not so excited about those? We thought he would love them and he hated them. He looks like he's having fun but really he's screaming!! We didn't actually buy a pumpkin because we were leaving that week and they would have been tossed out anyway!

The kids and I flew home with a 3 hour flight and Jordan drove our car full of all our stuff for 24 hours across the country! I was a little worried to fly home with Koston and the Aislee by myself but we had a sweet little lady sitting by us and she helped out so much! The flight out there was a little easier because it was bed time and they both slept! We loved our time in Omaha and I will miss the beautiful green grass everywhere and the huge shade trees. Everyone has perfectly manicured lawns/yards and there was a park down the street that we went to everyday and sometimes twice a day. Another couple that was out there with us had a little boy Koston's age and they loved going to the park together!
The weekend we got home was a busy weekend! Jordans dad, my parents, Koby and Shelby, Chad and Brody all came to join the chaos!! Koby's Birthday was Friday so we had a birthday breakfast and the Halloween party at Justin's house was that night. Saturday was Halloween and Sunday we blessed our sweet baby girl! I cannot believe how big she is getting! My mom made her dress. It was beautiful. She used part of my wedding dress on the slip and I loved it!
We went to Utah for our friend's wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple. It was great to be there and remember our own wedding and covenants we made! Jordan's grandma and dad watched the kids! They were rotten the entire time and I'm pretty sure they won't be volunteering to watch them again anytime soon!
Sorry grandma and grandpa!
We went to Vegas for Thanksgiving to be with my family! It was a really fun and cramped weekend. Adam, Laura and Gavin also went, so my parent's 3 bedroom apartment was pretty full! We did the typical black friday shopping with my mom, Laura, and shelby! We took Aislee so Jordan and Adam could just hang out with the boys! She was such a good and smiley baby!
It has been so fun having a baby in the house again! We are loving it! She is getting big way too fast! She smiles all the time and is such a good baby! I think we deserve it after Koston being so HIGH MAINTENANCE!! We love him and he is so much fun right now, just really high energy/maintenance! He is talking so much and is repeating everything we do and say! Yesterday i found him in my bathroom with the hair wax and flat iron (unplugged) doing his hair! I swear he really is all boy and loves his trucks too!
He has had a rough few weeks! This month he has cut all 4 first molars and one of his bottom laterals! He still has one lateral to go and then I hope we get a break before his "I teeth" come in! He is almost 2 and just getting most of his teeth!

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