Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life has been crazy good. We moved out to Omaha to be with Jordan until November. Life is great! It had been way too long with no husband and no "daddy". Koston just might be the happiest boy on the planet to have his dad back. Jordan wakes up with him in the morning (usually between 5-6am!!!) and plays non-stop until he has to go to work at 10:30. Aislee is already getting so big! She might actually be getting rolls.... ok slight chub on her legs!! Maybe?? Her cheeks are filling out and she weighs about 7 1/2 -8 pounds now? We absolutely love having a girl! Koston loves her and loves holding her. Fearful that he will smother her or pull off the couch by her head I cannot leave her anywhere visible when I'm out of the room! She is one tough little cookie.... he likes to help burp her, he thinks it's ok to pat her back whenever he wants because that is what I do.... only not quite so HARD!!


Our fun family said...

Oh you guys are all so precious. Happy to see that you are all doing very well and that you got moved safely to Omaha. Amber did a fantastic job on your photos I just love!! They are all so good. She is so talented.

Aislee is so tiny... we a little sweet pea.


Allred's said...

The pictures are so beautiful and Amber did a phenomenal job. Aislee and Koston together are adorable. Glad you were able to make it out to Omaha with Jordan, I am sure he is in love with having his family with him once again!